For Patients

This section is designed to help prepare you for your stay at The Heart & Vascular Hospital. If you have any questions at any time during your stay with us, please feel free to ask any member of our staff for assistance.

If you have been scheduled for a procedure with us, here are the steps you will experience at The Heart & Vascular Hospital:

  1. Your physician’s office will schedule the procedure with the hospital scheduler.
  2. When the procedure is scheduled, the patient also is scheduled for a pre-op appointment (pre-op appointments are typically 2-5 days prior to the procedure).
  3. At the pre-op appointment, labs and X-rays are performed, the patient meets with anesthesia (if required for procedure), and consent forms are signed and witnessed. At the end of the pre-op appointment, the patient is given pre-op instructions, which may include necessary medication to take the day of procedure.
  4. On the day of the procedure, the patient should arrive at the front entrance of The Heart & Vascular Hospital, located at 495 Medical Center Blvd. The valet will greet you at the front entrance and escort you to either admitting on the 1st floor of the hospital or to the CV Prep area on the 2nd floor.
  5. Once in CV Prep, you will be greeted by one of our Prep Team members, then you will be weighed and escorted to your assigned bed. Then, you will change into a hospital gown, and be given a plastic bag in which to store your personal belongings. The nurse will start the admission process which includes:
    • Asking questions to verify health information
    • Taking your blood pressure and temperature
    • Listening to your heart and lungs
  6. Prep: When it is your turn for prepping, a nurse from the Prep Team will ask you a series of question many that you were asked at your pre-op appointment. This is to ensure that your health history has not changed and also for safety and security purposes.
    • Your name and birth date
    • What kind of surgery you are having
    • The part of your body to be operated on
    • If you took any medications the day of the procedure
    • If you have any drug allergies
  7. If necessary, labs will be done as ordered by your physician. If you are having a Cath Lab procedure or need to be hydrated with intravenous fluids prior to your procedure, an IV will be started. Your nurse will explain your procedure and begin to give you instructions for post procedure care.
  8. Procedure/Post-op: Once prep is completed, you will proceed to your procedural area by the Cath Lab or Cardiovascular Operating Room team. After your procedure is completed, you will taken to the CV PACU (if anesthesia is required or you have a cardiac intervention) or back to the CV Prep for continued care until discharge or a room is assigned.

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

As a patient, you have the right to respectful and considerate care. You also have the right to have family members notified of your admission, condition and health status if you choose. In addition, there are specific rights and responsibilities you have during your hospital stay regarding medical procedures, medications and billing. You also have the right to make certain decisions about your care. We also expect you to communicate openly and honestly with your Heart & Vascular Hospital healthcare team. View a complete listing of Patient Rights and Responsibilities.

Patient Safety

While you are in the hospital with us, your safety is a priority. Everyone has a role in making healthcare safe – including doctors, nurses, healthcare executives, technicians and many others. We encourage you to take an active part in your health care by:

  • Asking questions and expressing concerns if you don't understand what you have been told
  • Ensuring you know your diagnosis
  • Being certain you understand the medical tests and treatment plan you have been prescribed
  • Knowing the medications you are taking

Review our complete Patient Safety Program information.

Online Patient HandbookPatient Handbook

View our complete Patient Handbook.

Advance Directives

You have the right to make fundamental decisions regarding the medical care you receive while you are in the hospital and give informed consent to treatment recommended by your physician. However, there may be circumstances that prevent you from making those decisions for yourself. A growing number of individuals desire to make their wishes regarding life-prolonging treatment known in advance to their families and physicians. Texas law allows individuals to make such decisions in advance through documents known as Advance Directives. In accordance with federal and state law, Clear lake Regional Medical Center shall respect valid Advance Directives. View detailed information about Advance Directives.

Concerns or Complaints

Our goal is for every patient to be VERY SATISFIED with the care and services received at The Heart & Vascular Hospital. If you should have any concerns about the care you or your family receive, we encourage you to speak with your physician or your nurse. If you feel your issue wasn’t resolved, or if you have a patient safety and/or quality care of concern to report to hospital management, please let us know. View detailed information about addressing concerns or complaints.